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Not so black and white, lots of Grey!

We have been really focused on grey breeding from some time now and this year really brought out the fruits of that labor. These are our yearly boys before and after shearing. The three silver grey boys are out of of grey stud Caesar. We are really proud of the results that we are getting from him.

Now the hard decision on who can go to a new home and who will stay with us to be part of our future breeding program :-)

Princess Pumpkin the Pocket Alpaca Book

We are extremely excited to announce the completion and Pre-Order of the Princess Pumpkin the Pocket Alpaca children's Book.

Princess Pumpkin the Pocket Alpaca, the book, is an inspired and whimsical children's story for ages 4 to 7. It contains 29 full-color illustrations that tell the story of a small, rejected, impish and real-life little alpaca born too small to survive at only 5 1/2 pounds (most baby alpacas are born 15-20 pounds). Adopted by humans and raised as a Princess, sh

Princess Pumpkin the Pocket House Alpaca

Update on Pumpkin's Progress...
Sat. was a milestone day for our sweet Princess Pumpkin and frankly a huge relief for us as alpaca parents. At a little over 3 months old, Pumpkin is now 30 pounds. That may not sound like a lot for 3 month old cria, but she was born 5.5 pounds and went spend the first weeks of her life getting excited over a few ounces of weight gain. But the even bigger win was a visit to Dr. Jana to check her blood work. Pumpkin has been suffering from severe an

Pumpkin for Thanksgiving

I’m sitting here this morning trying to wake up and am reminded of Thanksgiving morning. It seems like months have passed, but in reality it’s only been 24 days. Pumpkin is sitting here on my lap as I write this blog. She is 10lbs today, while still half the size of a normal cria; it is a giant leap from the 5.5 pound little alpaca baby that was born on Thanksgiving morning. I’ve been meaning to write about our first couple of week’s with Pumpkin and this blog is a reflection of these last 3

Farm to Yarn - Hand processed Alpaca Fleece

The most frequent question we get is "What do you do with your alpacas?" "Do you do anything with their wool?" "Do you eat them?"... I could go on and on with the many different questions that we hear.

What do we do with our alpacas? Well to start with, they are part of our family. Amazing, intelligent and soulful animals that enrich our lives every day. But they are not just members of our ranch, we also raise them to sell to other alpaca owners. But most importantly we rais

Happy New Year from Rocky, Sofia and their new cria!

Happy New Year from Rocky, Sofia and their beautiful new little girl cria!

This little darling is the first cria for both Rocky and Sofia. We could not be happier with this beautiful little girl. She has pearly luster and curls for days that she inherited from her sire Rocky.

Rocky is a son of the famous Torbia and is off a to great start. We are sure he is going to sire many more fantastic crias.

A Visit from Giacomo

Today we had a nice visit from the very handsome Giacomo and Cathe & Jim Bodie from Summer Solstice Alpaca's. Giacomo had a hot arranged date with Immortal Beloved. He was a such a calm and gentle fellow; great personality, gorgeous high luster fleece and who can't help but fall in love with that face.

Immortal Beloved got all dolled up with a fresh hay weave and a splash of alfalfa perfume. So she was all dressed up and ready for her date by the time Giacomo arrived ;-)

2014 Spring Shearing

May 3rd was shearing day at Rolling Rock Ranch Alpacas and just in time before an early hot spell.

This was our first in person experience with shearing. I had been doing a lot of research online, watching educational videos about alpaca shearing. So I generally knew what to expect. But of course nothing beats hands on experience.

We hired Jim and Cathe Bodie from Summer Solstice Alpacas to do shearing for us. Jim specializes in shearing suri alpacas, so we felt real

Welcome Rocky, Indy and little Stormy

We are really excited to have Rocky, Indy and her little cria Stormy join our herd.

After all the research on grey alpacas, I just could not pass up the opportunity to have AWH Indian Paintbrush (Indy) and her little silver grey cria that we are affectionately calling Stormy be part of our little ranch. Indy has some of the most amazing chocolate brown fleece, such a fun inquisitive personality and a grey background. The added bonus is that she comes breed back to Silvano, Stormy

Immortal Beloved and Caesar join our herd

Early on I had my eye on several grey suris and had decided when we started breeding that I wanted to focus on producing grey alpacas. I've never been one to shy away from a challenge like breeding for grey. So we had been keeping an eye out for grey suris and suris with grey genetics hoping the right opportunity would come our way.

In early Jan we met Don & Tracy Pellegrino of Faith and Fleece Alpacas. When I talked with Tracy on the phone and realized the Rose Grey boy they we

Our first alpaca, Sofia

A few months after getting Papa settled in, we were ready for our first alpaca. Sofia joined us and here and Papa were fast friends. (after all the spitting was done)

Sofia has an interesting background, her sire is the Bay Black Suri Milagro son of Mahogany Prince. So we are hoping that she will breed color when paired with the right sire.

It all started with the Drama Llama!

After a full year of getting settled into the new property, I had convinced Michael we could handle some camelids. Out here we have coyotes and other predators, so we needed to start with a guard llama to protect our herd. In July the opportunity presented itself to get a young llama that was 4 years old. We went a nearby ranch to visit him and decided he would make a great addition to the ranch.

We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Papa the Drama Llama arrived